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Four liders begun their journey in a small island. They try to escape using long rivers. Who will win the battles? Who will win the war?

Comment by uploader:

Corrected small mistake and added some animals on the first island. Also added new spoiler here :) Have a fun!

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:240 x 240
Max. Players:4
Upload:by einstein13 at 2013-12-04, 19:18
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You don't have to read it!

Resources at the beggining are enough to start few colonies. You have granite (one side), gold (small mountain) and iron (next to the gold).

You can easly defend yourself by the fastest expand and conquering some space of your neighbors. Just don't mine the rocks in the center of island. If you are fast enough, only you can open the path to your country and Headqaters.

Then you shouldn't expand too fast. If you do, your ships will not be fast enough. 3 or 4 colonies would be enough (but 2 are needed).

Attack when you have well trained soldiers or just good trained, but better than the enemies.

Good luck! Be faster!


Hallo, habe das Problem, dass der Editor das Laden der Karte abbricht. Dabei erscheint keine Fehlermeldung! Wie kann ich das Problem lösen?



Are you using build 17 of Widelands? This map was created in bzr6820 version of Widelands, so probably you need that or later one face-wink.png


Yes, i'm using build 17! Thx, for your quickly message face-grin.png I'm load bzr6820 and then i hope can use map. Looks very good für long playing face-smile.png

..sry for my bad english !!!


Very long playing, if you have some defensive friends. You can end the game very quickly (in 3 hours of gametime), but also you can have 12 hours great game!


Very nice map. I played it with random tribes and I found out that my direct enemy had already wiped out the other tribes. I first went looking for coal (overseas) which cost me four hours before I found some.

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