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The British imperium transported huge amounts of criminals to a new continent soon after it was found at 17th. century. The imperial ships abandoned you and all the other criminals it has to this barren, strange new world. Your heroic decision is to bring order to the rows of the criminals and to create your own prosperous country full of life.

Comment by uploader:

A highly detailed map of Australia made with playability in mind, so it isn't authentical but close enough to be a great fun.

Basic Information:

World: Desert
Dimensions:144 x 112
Max. Players:4
Upload:by Solstice at 2013-06-14, 22:30
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Comments on this Map:


The map is finally here.. face-smile.png


congratulations, Solstice! Well done! I not been playing it yet. But can I ask you how to draw actual country outline in the editor? Did you import the real world map into the editor?


I don't know if there's any tricks here.. I just keep the map window of the game and a book of real world maps open when I duplicate actual maps on to my screen. It took around 2 hours to unearth the outline of this map to the editor and after that, begin filling the continent. So I guess it is partly a thechnique, partly skills that matter here..


If there's anything to improve or fix on this map, please let me know so that I can make this map even better.


The map is too hard to play.


Beautiful and difficult, really good.


Too hard??? Also für mich als erfahrener Spieler ist diese Karte (ich gegen den Rest als Team) keine Herausforderung. Gegner sind keine Luschen aber auch nicht so stark daß man Mühe hat. Ansonsten macht die Karte Spaß.

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