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Map: Around the Sea

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Around the Sea


The sea will bring us food for our family and water for our animals. Without ships the enimies cannot attack us, but we must be alert for trouble. Note: Build a castle at the smallest places.

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A large lake enclose by mountain's. You can find no way over these mountain's only a life around this lake is possible. Establish a stable farming economy and search for resource like iron, cool or gold in the mountain. After a long time you will meet our unfriendly neighbor's and the only two peoples will survive.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:160 x 96
Max. Players:4

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Upload:by Country_Man_G at 2010-12-21, 14:23
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dose anyone know how to put this map on widelands for mac os x


Nette Karte für Anfänger - für Profis zu lasche Gegner.

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