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Archipelago Sea


Between Sweden and Finland lies the archipelago sea. This place of incredible beauty is not land, and it is not sea, and it is both. Within a few hundred kilometers, there are no less than 50000 islands and islets, most no more than a few acres across. The climate is quite mild for its latitude; farming thrives, berries abund, and fish are plentiful. The small human population of this place never knew famine. You warlording bastards just couldn't leave this little paradise in peace, couldn't you? Tips: large plots are rare on those small islands. prioritize construction of large buildings on them. Sometimes you need big military buildings to expand all the way to the next island. As of april 2015 AI performs poorly on this map

Comment by uploader:

This map is inspired to a real place; if you live in Turku, you may recognize the islands of ruissalo, hirvensalo, satava and kakskerta as the blue starting point, and aland, hogskar, and lumparland (not to scale) for the red. Everything else is made up. Nevertheless, I made it balanced: every player has exactly 19 big spaces, 50ish (they are difficult to count) medium spaces and 20ish small spaces, 50 stones, 54 coals, 26 granite, 63 iron, and 19 gold. So you can use it to play with your friends.

This is a very technical map, and by "technical" I mean "difficult". Small islands are inefficient to produce wood, and expansion is difficult. you have to keep making woodcutters to clear the trees, then dismantle then and make military buidings to take the land, then you dismantle those, cut the roads and see where you can make a large building, and all the time you try to not lock yourself. But it is difficult equally for everyone, and if you enjoy an extra challenge in adapting to an unfriendly environment then you should like this map.

The AI is incapable of playing this map to any real degree. it cannot cope with small spaces, and it regularly mmakes smaller buildings on the big slots. it generallly only manage to make two or three farrms, and sometimes not even a battle arena.

Basic Information:

Author:King of nowhere
World: One World
Dimensions:144 x 144
Max. Players:4

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Upload:by king_of_nowhere at 2015-04-18, 16:23
This map requires a version of Widelands build 19 or newer!
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One of my favourite "challenge" maps precisely because it's balanced and thoughtful. There's just enough space to eke out a living...but have your opponents done a better job?

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