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Map: Along The River

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Along The River


It is the land where the sun is hardly seen during the winter and where spring floods away any reminiscence of the past. Strange tensions have grown among its residents and many selfish rulers have taken advantage of the chaos. The superstitious people appear to be no obstacle for the developments of better equipped armies. Tough times are on the brink of emerging, and you should heed to the words of your wise advisors, or fade into oblivion like the others.

Comment by uploader:

Single player scenario map with high difficulty level in a historic Swedish setting.

Shipped under GNU General Public License version 2.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:144 x 144
Max. Players:5

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Upload:by fk at 2013-12-20, 13:52
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Comments on this Map:


Thank you so much for this superb scenario, fk. It is well designed and has a good story line. I played it through which took me almost 10 hours. The fighting experience against the AI was challenging which is never possible in usual games.


That's true! The map is chellenging, but it has small mistake inside: I did all the quests, but the game didn't stopped. So winning condition isn't property checked.

But the scenario is BEST ever here! Good job, fk!


I second Robnick's description. My first impression was that after some initial fighting the AI was done, like in most other cases I have had in WL. But this time it almost managed to reach my HQ after I attacked first.


This was a really great map. Normally I have the AI beat inside of a couple of hours at most. In the blue position the AI reached HQ and burned it to the ground. I was able to retreat (with help from foresters) and build up soldiers. I won the game but it took 25 hrs. Until the AI gets smarter we'll need to rely on maps like this.


What am I doing wrong? I get a runtime error on loading the map as scenario. Using build 17 (Windows XP). I select single player - new game - chose the map - tick as scenario - okay - start game. It appears the game has a problem with loading the greenland map?


No mistake from your side, you can install one of the later builds of Widelands (after build17) to be able to play the scenario. You can find more info at


Fantastic Map! I played it through in 11 hours. It was really really nice! Good job! Thank you!

Are there other Scenarios out there, apart from that one and the preinstalled ones?


Schade - läuft nicht mit dem aktuellen Wideland!


Kralle is right, it does not run under build 19 either.


the scenario is now available as addon to be playable with versions Widelands 1.0 or greater

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