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Topic: Barbarian Helmsmithy Remodel

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chaos91 wrote: maybe i'm a bit late, i like the new models, but imho they're looking too brand-new... The Buildings are standing for quite a long time outside in the weather... just my 2¢

Hi, chaos91!
Adding build animation and a more realistic appearance to the buildings brings with it a lot of decisions the artist needs to make. I've tried to play both sides of the "new construction" v.s. "old established building" fence with the gray-ish bark of the logs and the "fresher" look of the stripped wood. My hope is that during construction, players will appreciate the brighter hues of the stripped wood and I try to provide a lot of that to look at. Once a building is complete, however, there is not an easy way to transition from the "new" look to a "weathered" look, so some brighter wood remains for now. :) My primary goal at this point in the graphic development for widelands is to get some 3D blender models for those buildings, animals, etc. that currently have none. It is my intent to ultimately revisit each building to enhance the animation. Perhaps at that time we'll have the leisure to tweak some things. face-wink.png
For the present, however, what you see is what you get. Unless, of course, you want to try YOUR hand at some graphics. We can use ALL of the help we can get! face-smile-big.png Check the wiki page for GettingStarted.

Thanks for your "2 cents". Please feel welcome to make more "deposits" as often as you like. face-grin.png

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