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Topic: Ah new icons

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Posted at: 2024-07-08, 16:29

I see a funny ghost and the "famous" YT arrow icons at the top now.

It is, uh, amusing to look and see that the latest YT video was 5 years ago about build 20. Yes, yes, I know who has the time, bigger fish to fry etc., I'm just being a pest amusing myself. : )

Uh and Discord. Not even... (Maybe after this fad dies a deserved death I'll do some gloating) <wicked grin>

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Posted at: 2024-07-08, 22:38

it is a difference about amusing yourself and posting about it. Currently there are some people really working hard about getting at least some info channels updated. Are you even able to realize how disgusting und unmotivating your post must feel for the few people working really hard to provide the community not only with a nice game that does not cost anything and is very open for your own creativity. So rather then mocking about the incompleteness of these hard efforts, how about contributing something. Otherwise you are just ashaming yourself.
A full dislike of this post from my side. But it seems to be a general disease in our society, better take the short personal joke at the cost of ruining a whole project.

Edit: all of us are doing this whole projet for fun, please imagine what will happen if the fun goes down due to silly and in sulting posts.

Edited: 2024-07-08, 22:40

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