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Topic: Proposal: feature for voting on posts etc.

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Posted at: 2024-01-20, 15:24

I'd be happy about a feature to react on someone's post contribution (like an add-on or a map). I think about something a ”thumbs up/down“ button or some emoji to show what someone else thinks about that contribution. Although there are comments on – Idk, everything a user can commit here? – possible, I find it something different to write ”+1“ or something isntead of having a quick overview what others think about the post etc.

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Posted at: 2024-01-20, 15:25

+1 face-grin.png

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Posted at: 2024-01-20, 15:47

I thought of that as well.

The problem is: Maintaining the website is currently very slow. I did that for several years now but to be honest, my motivation is currently not very high for doing so. And before such a feature get implemented the website needs a lot of other stuff to get up to date.
That said: Don't expect to get this functionality fast, sorry.

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