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Topic: random map generator failing

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maybe it is just me, but the random map generator tends to fail quite often (1.1). This is not a major problem but it is a bit discouraging, especially for new players trying this the first time.

Especially for the case where the user did not edit the random seed, but left it at the generated value: could we not instead of generating the error message retry with a different seed until we find one that succeeds (and possibly display that fact and the new seed/id to the user, so that they do not accidentally note down the not-working seed)? That way, the user does get what they wanted: a random game in a few clicks. It would "automate" what a user has to do by hand in the case of a failure: either edit the seed by hand or leave and reenter the entire screen to get a new, random seed.

An even better workflow / GUI setup would be to offer in the GUI a selection of either

  1. random seed (where we can retry as often as we have to, because we did not display the seed yet, but should give that possibility, possibly after successful creation, but for sure inside the running game)
  2. manual seed (where we should not retry)
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