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Topic: widelands-media better findable/useable

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Posted at: 2024-01-04, 23:44

Nordfriese wrote:

For completeness here are the most stats of the most recent revision r285 from 2023-08-20: 14G graphics/tribes/ 8,0G graphics/tribes/amazons 3,7G graphics/tribes/frisians 672M graphics/tribes/barbarians 579M graphics/tribes/atlanteans 382M graphics/tribes/empire 32K graphics/tribes/worker level indicator icons

Are these the current total file sizes (without the history) or the total history sizes?

Maybe a lot of space could be gained by removing the prerendered hi-res PNGs for Fri and Amz from the repo.

Please don't. They can be split off separately, but blender is both unreliable and hard for newcomers, so they're really valuable. Just think of all the problems we have with getting hi-res images for the old tribes.

Splitting off the sound and music folders into a separate repo on Codeberg/GH would be easily doable – when and if someone actually wants to work with this part of the repo, which was last modified in 2011…

It's not clear to me though if bzr supports breaking off a subdir from a repo, and pruning history accordingly (and really ending up with a much smaller repo). I think the git docs may say it's kind of maybe possible with git with the help of a good dose of black magic and really good luck...

blind3rdeye wrote

In my view, files that are generated from some other source in the repo probably shouldn't be included in the repo themselves (unless there is a special reason for it). So if the PNGs can be recreated from the other files, then we probably don't need to keep all their historical version.

BTW we also don't have automated scripts to generate the PNGs from the blender models, and there are various ways in which you have to render them. Some even need running the (pseudo-)physics simulations for the animations too. Heavy blender skills (or in my case, a lot of digging around and experimenting) are a must.

And have you read the old posts about all this needing very old versions of blender? The last you have any chance with is 2.79 (Debian buster = oldoldstable era).

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Version: some new PR I'm testing
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Posted at: 2024-01-04, 23:52

knarf wrote:

9GB do take a while to checkout, but in the end that is the size of the data and whatever you do, you will need to download those data in all cases.

The problem is that launchpad/bzr will reset the connection on you before you could finish, so you just end up with nothing after wasting a lot of bandwidth and time. (Of course I mean this if you try to get a proper local repo, not just the current files, which is indeed doable.)

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Posted at: 2024-01-09, 23:04

Looking at the file sizes, splitting out rendered png files is likely not resulting in a drastically smaller sizes of the repo. What I get as sums for files with different extensions within that repo is:

8091834468 blend
3452915312 blend1
1596976929 png
688541038 bphys
352806582 xcf
296573191 gz
42844566 jpg
14551747 ogg
12993842 ORF
9816113 flac
4144353 FCStd
1088976 blend11
702172 npr
528162 tga
523320 XCF
425728 wgf
417574 jpeg
314357 it
263905 sib
258087 rg
140298 mid
90671 7z
44666 py
39608 class
26978 JPG
20552 gif
18536 java
14051 odt
12048 001
11710 ods
8466 svg
7546 txt
7387 lua
2515 sh
2181 TXT
921 phatch

A few observations:

  • There are .blend1 and .blend11 files in the repo. Usually those are backup files of blender. Are they intentionally included in this repo? These make up about 24% of the repo size.
  • png files make up less than 20% of the size of .blend files (.blend1 and .blend11 not included)
  • .blend files make up about 55% of the repo size. If you include .blend1 and .blend11 files, that increases to 79%.
  • graphics completely dominate the repo size (99.8%).

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