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Topic: Polish Plural Forms to be changed on Transifex

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Transifex will change the Polish plural forms from 3 to 4 on February 1, so be consistent with an update to the CLDR. I'll try to remember to grab the translations on Jan 31, but I recommend that the translators grab a backup too, just in case.

I am reaching out to you in order to inform you about some changes that we are planning to apply to the Polish language.

To be more precise, as you probably already know, Transifex follows ISO Standards and Unicode CLDR data for the supported languages.

Currently, the number of Polish plural forms that Transifex supports is 3. However, according to CLDR data, the Polish language has 4 plural forms.

The new changes are going to be deployed on Feb 1st, so before that, we would like to ask you to keep a backup of your resources in Transifex where the Polish language is included in order to avoid losing any data.

After the new plural rules are applied to Transifex, you will need to update source files (if the source language is Polish) or translation files (if the target language is Polish) by adding the 4th plural form to all the existing pluralized entries.

Then you can upload your files back to Transifex in order to properly update your data.

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