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Topic: Automated translation checks

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Posted at: 2016-09-15, 09:39

Dear translators,

I have run some automated translation checks. I have fixed most of the issues myself, but some issues need review by the translation teams, if you have the time.

You can download an archive of the remainining issues at:

  • Unzip and search your file system for your language code.
  • You will get a list of po files that you can open in a text editor or in Virtaal - look for (pofilter) comments in them.
  • You can fix the issues directly in the files and then upload the fixed files to Transifex.

We also have an issue with the definition of plural forms for Russian and Turkish. I am not sure what the correct rule would be and how Transifex handles those, so I have left them alone for now.

Our list of unsolved bugs is shrinking, so we should have a release candidate for Build 19 in a few weeks.

Thanks for translating,


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