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Topic: Game presentation

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Pry about Widelands
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Posted at: 2016-01-02, 13:32
Hi there !

I made today a french translation of the game description. While discussing this translation, we talk about two things :
  • implementation off trading
    As you are not alone in the world, you will meet other clans sooner or later. Some of them may be friendly and you may eventually trade with them. However, if you want to rule the world, you will have to train soldiers and fight.

    As it not seems to be implemented, we may remove it from the description.

  • adding paragraph to talk about game contributions, like this :
    Widelands also offers you the opportunity to participate in its development! Join the forum, where you can make suggestions to improve the gameplay, add new features, modify translations... You can also participate in creating graphics, music and programming the game if the adventure tries you !

    (as my english lessons are very far, an english native may correct me...)

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Posted at: 2016-01-02, 14:14

Trading is already planned face-smile.png In current development builds are some preparations for trading, but i believe we get this enhancement in build 20.

I think a paragraph about contribution does not make sense in the game description, which, yes, describes the game face-smile.png Hints on contributions could already be found on the mainpage.

Edit: The paragraph about trading may could be removed until we have this feature. Other developers should tell their opinion.

Edited: 2016-01-02, 14:37

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Posted at: 2016-01-04, 14:07

The description seems to say what we want Widelands to be like when it's finished, so I don't have a problem with it staying in. The "eventually" is sort of an escape clause face-tongue.png

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