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Topic: Rivers and Bridges

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Your idea of the ferry reminds me of the small boats they already had in Settlers I. They had two flags on the coast with a waterroad in between, only carrying goods, not people and so on. And they where normal carriers, who got a boat that tey carried to their destination flag before going into the water. That’s the approach i would expect here too. face-wink.png

But yes, bridges shouldn’t allow ships passing through, just like shallow water shouldn’t.

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Tibor wrote:


it would be produced in shipyard (be very cheap) and wheryman would go to shipyard and sail the ferry to its virtual road (=pair of two jetties).

This is a nice idea face-smile.png Instead sailing/rowing he could also may carry his little boat...

I tried me in making the ford abit better:


I used it as dry-type which means only roads could be placed on this terrain. But as you could see, there could also be trees grow on this. Maybe this behavior could be corrected with the terrain affinity values, but i am currently not familiar with those values.

There is an animated pattern for this:

animated pattern

A mockup where roads turns into footbridges at fords:

mockup footbridge

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