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Topic: Proposal SubFora for SubFora HP Trouble, Proposal and FeedBack and Announcement

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Posted at: 2014-01-05, 06:03

SubFora with useful Classification of Issues represent same Time strong Categories for Forum-Search representing machinized Use and also interactive Use which represent a more manual Way to use Site.

While HP-Admins could like to read FeedBacks anytime, new Threads in SubSubForum Trouble resp technical Problems means Kind of Code Red for them and would enable them to toggle MailAllert with omiting get Email when I did add another Proposal in SubForum HP. Trouble and FeedBack are related but If I write frequently this Time I like HP a Lot again Thread than that won't trigger that MailAllert once again.

Announcements represent Issues which got proposed from me and got realized.

Some FeedBack would surely normally placed inside Proposal Forum due to if they are used resp got written to reason a Proposal. Pleasing Users to describe Problems sperated from provided potential solving Proposals could rebalance final Use but wont expect Magic from telling that. I did thought for long Time these sticky Threads got called sticky due to their Contents and Users did even confirm that to me .. (spit). Well, somebody should set there as Thread explaining what sticky Threads are .. but probably nobody would care about.. due to they ignore these by both addressed and causing Behavior same Time. However, I consider Idea to seperate Problem as Reason for Proposal but wonder if even me would always use these SubFora like explained to be rational. Nevertheless like the Idea.

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Posted at: 2014-05-07, 06:18

I agree that a simple feedback forum might be a good idea.

I've looked through all the forums and I can't find anywhere appropriate just to say a simple Thank You to everyone who has contributed to the Widelands project.

I couldn't count the many hundreds of hours of enjoyment you people have given me. The game you people have created rivals many commercial productions.

I did notice that many of the main contributors are German. It's quite astounding how much good programming has continuously come out of Germany in the last 30 years. Does German television have poor quality shows?



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slopsbucket wrote:

Does German television have poor quality shows?

Not worse than anywhere else, but de do have cheap computers and high-speed internet face-tongue.png

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