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Topic: Item GameDescription looks boring..

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Posted at: 2013-10-10, 05:35
Consider to do it visual/symbolic/briefly with Keywords, Phrase and Images, Diagram..
Aim: the lesser same descriptive the better. FYI: factor in next SeaFaring:

(Matter is..)

  • Player controls Economy&Military of his Clan
  • Clan selected from 3 available Tribes
  • Match play solo/teamed against AI/Players via NetWork/Internet
  • Map borderless with 3D-Morphology
  • Econmy yields Resources from Sites for Mining,AgriCulture,Fishing,Foresting
  • ProductionSites produces Goods need from Economy&Military
  • Resources concerns about Materials and Foods
  • Materials concerns about Metals,Stones,Wood,Fibers
  • Goods Materials, Foods, Tools for Worker, Equipment for Soldiers
  • StockExchange via WareHouses, Ports
  • MilitarySites Soldiers protect Territory against Opponents' Aggressions
  • TrainingsSites Upgrade Soldiers by Train&Gear
  • SeaFaring Exploration of Map with Ships and expand Territory
  • Ships Transfer of Goods&Personal into remote Destricts.
  • Game-Objectives select from Monarchy, TerritorialLord, ResourceCollectors

FYI: Next Release is comming up next Time. Please ask in Forum how long it will still take!
(just jokin)

That was again just literal but IMO much briefer. Would consider to reuse them for SubDescription if Visitor still have Questions but try to render Matter by visually by Icons, Symbols, visual Groups.

Visitor don't want to read nice Story but experience what WL is both quickly and simply.
Actual Text is IMO not attractive but require increased Interest from Visitor (umm..reading!) and thus can harder cause increased Interests.

Could make a nice Draft for as OpenOffice-Document to demonstrate good visual Rendering.
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