Production Sites

Productionsites are a type of building where wares are being consumed to produce other wares, or to produce workers. They also have workers working at them.

Productionsites are defined in data/tribes/buildings/productionsites/<tribe_name>/<building_name>/init.lua. The building will also need its help texts, which are defined in data/tribes/initialization/<tribe_name>/units.lua


This function adds the definition of a production site building to the engine.


table – This table contains all the data that the game engine will add to this building. In addition to the Common Building Properties, it contains the following entries:


Mandatory. In addition to the common size values "small", "medium", or "big", production sites can also have size "mine" for defining a mine building to be built on mountains.


Mandatory. The name and amount for each worker type working at this building, e.g.:

working_positions = { atlanteans_armorsmith = 1 },

Optional. The name and amount for each ware input queue, e.g.:

inputs = {
    { name = "coal", amount = 10 },
    { name = "iron", amount = 8 },
    { name = "gold", amount = 8 }

DEPRECATED. The wares/workers produced by this building, e.g.:

outputs = { "shield_advanced", "shield_steel" },

Mandatory. The production site programs that define what preconditions a building needs to fulfil in order to produce its wares and how it’s done, including any animations and sounds played. See Productionsite Programs.


DEPRECATED. The names of other productionsites whose workareas should be highlighted if theirs overlap with this building’s workarea while the player is placing a building of this type. The overlaps can be shown either as desired (true), if the proximity of these buildings is favourable, or as negative (false), if they influence each other negatively. Example for a fishbreeder’s house:

indicate_workarea_overlaps = {
   atlanteans_fishers_house = true,
   atlanteans_fishbreeders_house = false

Optional. This table defines the message sent by the productionsite to the player if it has run out of a resource to collect. There are 4 entries:


Mandatory. A concise message title for the list in the inbox.


Mandatory. A longer version of the title, shown in the message body.


Mandatory. The actual message. Translation needs to be fetched with pgettext.


Optional. Default: 100. An int value in percent to trigger the message.


out_of_resource_notification = {
    -- Translators: Short for "Out of ..." for a resource
    title = _("No Fields"),
    heading = _("Out of Fields"),
    message = pgettext("atlanteans_building", "The farmer working at this farm has no cleared soil to plant his seeds."),
    productivity_threshold = 30

Optional. This string defines the tooltip shown by the productionsite to the player if all resources have been replenished by its worker in full. Look at the Atlantean Fish Breeder’s House for an example.

For making the UI texts translateable, we also need to push/pop the correct textdomain.



dirname = path.dirname(__file__)

wl.Descriptions():new_productionsite_type {
   name = "atlanteans_well",
   descname = pgettext("atlanteans_building", "Well"),
   animation_directory = dirname,
   icon = dirname .. "menu.png",
   size = "small",

   buildcost = {
      log = 2,
      granite = 1,
      planks = 1
   return_on_dismantle = {
      log = 1,
      granite = 1

   animations = {
      idle = {
         hotspot = { 31, 32 },
      working = {
         hotspot = { 31, 32 },

   aihints = {
      basic_amount = 1,

   working_positions = {
      atlanteans_carrier = 1

   programs = {
      main = {
         descname = _("working"),
         actions = {
            "animate=working duration:20s",
            "mine=resource_water radius:1 yield:100% when_empty:65%",
   out_of_resource_notification = {
      title = _("No Water"),
      heading = _("Out of Water"),
      message = pgettext("atlanteans_building", "The carrier working at this well can’t find any water in his well."),
      productivity_threshold = 33