The Richtext Tags

For an introduction to our richtext system including a code example, see The Widelands Rich Text System.

Rich Text – <rt>

The main wrapper that will signal to the font renderer to go into richtext mode. This tag surrounds your whole text, and is allowed only once. You can also set some options here what will affect your whole text.


  • padding: The rectangle of this tag is shrunk so leave a gap on its outside, on all four outer edges.

  • padding_r: Padding on the right-hand side

  • padding_l: Padding on the left-hand side

  • padding_b: Padding on the bottom

  • padding_t: Padding on the top

  • background: Give this tag’s rectangle a background color as a hex value.

  • keep_spaces: Do now trim away trailing and double spaces. Use this where the user is editing text.

  • db_show_spaces: Highlight all blank spaces for debugging purposes.

Division – <div>

This tag defines a rectangle and can be used as a layout control.


The same attributes as Rich Text – <rt>, plus the following:

  • margin: Shrink all contents to leave a margin towards the outer edge of this tag’s rectangle.

  • float: Make text float around this div. Allowed values are left, right. The structure has to be something like: div("width=100%", div("float=left padding_r=6", p(img(imagepath))) .. p(text)), with the first embedded div being the floating one.

  • valign: Align the contents vertically. Allowed values are top (default), center or middle, bottom.

  • width: The width of this element, as a pixel amount, or as a percentage. The last div in a row can be expanded automatically by using *.

Line Break – <br>

A single line break. Use sparingly for things like poetry stanzas. If you are starting a new paragraph, use Paragraph – <p> instead.

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Horizontal Space – <space>

Inserts a horizontal gap between the previous and the following text. This space can be filled with a character of your choice.


  • gap: The size of the gap as a pixel amount

  • fill: A character to fill the gap with

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Vertical Space – <vspace>

Inserts a vertical gap between the previous and the following text.


  • gap: The size of the gap as a pixel amount

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Paragraph – <p>

This tag encloses a text paragraph.


  • indent: Adds an indent to the first line of the paragraph

  • align: The horizontal alignment for the paragraph’s text. Allowed values are left (default), center or middle, right.

  • valign: See Division – <div>

  • spacing: Vertical line spacing as a pixel value

Font – <font>

This tag defines the font style for the enclosed text.


  • size: The font size as a pixel value

  • face: The font face. Allowed values are sans (default), serif and condensed.

  • color: The font color as a hex value

  • bold: Make the text bold

  • italic: Make the text italic

  • underline: Underline the text

  • shadow: Add a background shadow

  • ref: To be implemented

Image – <img>

Displays an image with your text.


  • src: The path to the image, relative to the data directory.

  • object: Show the representative image of a map object instead of using src.

  • ref: To be implemented

  • color: Player color for the image as a hex value

  • width: Width of the image as a pixel amount. The corresponding height will be matched automatically. Not supported in conjunction with the object parameter.

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