Immovables are entities not connected to a road that a tribe can own, for example a corn field or a ship under construction.

Tribe Immovables are defined in data/tribes/immovables/<immovable_name>/init.lua.


This function adds the definition of a tribe immovable to the engine.


table – This table contains all the data that the game engine will add to this immovable. It contains the following entries:

msgctxt: The context that Gettext will use to disambiguate the translations for strings in this table.

name: A string containing the internal name of this immovable.

descname: The translatable display name. Use pgettext with the msgctxt above to fetch the string.

helptext_script: The full path to the helptexts.lua script for this immovable.

programs: A table with the programs that this immovable will perform, e.g. { "animate=idle 4500",  "remove=" } (see Immovable Program Reference)

animations: A table containing all animations for this immovable.

Help Texts

Each tribe immovable has a helptexts.lua script, which is located in the same directory as its init.lua script. The function in this file returns texts that are used for the immovable by the Tribal Encyclopedia.


Returns a localized string with a helptext for this immovable type.


tribe (string) – the name of the tribe to fetch this helptext for.

This function works exactly the same as ware_helptext.