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__!! __ Multiplayer Game ____ ¶

Widelands can be played either over a LAN or across the Internet. ¶

__ Playing in LAN __ ¶

Before starting a LAN-game take care that your firewall allows acces to the ports 7394, 7395 and 7396. Than start widelands, go into multiplayer-menu - you now may change your name here -, click on "host a new game" and select a map you would like to play. After clicking on OK, you just need to wait for the other players to join ¶

All other clients connected to the network should now find the server and list it, as soon as those people enter multiplayer-menu. ¶

When all player are ready, just click on "Start game". ¶

__ Playing on the Internet __ ¶

Widelands can be played online. Same procedure als Playing in LAN applies here. Just enter the IP address. To find an opponent visit our irc channel. More to come... ¶

To get your own IP adress, you can use our script ¶

__ Desync Messages __ ¶

"Desyncs" are bugs which occur when host and client are not synchronized anymore. Of course there still might be some bugs in widelands code that lead to such desyncs, but in most known cases the problem is based on different widelands-versions. ¶

If you get several desyncs all the time at direct beginning of the game, there's properly something wrong with the versions of widelands in use. If both server and client use the same version, make sure that no other older version of widelands or older widelands data is installed on your system (like you installed a newer version over an old one on windows / you've installed different versions of widelands via apt-get/rpm) Only if server and client have got absolutely the same version and same data, you can be sure to have a minimum danger to get desyncs.