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[TOC] ¶

Have you read the [description](/wiki/Description), [downloaded and installed ](/wiki/Download) Widelands? Here's how to play it: ¶

## Play Tutorials or Campaigns ¶
The Tutorials are the best way to learn how play Widelands. You'll find them in the main menu of Widelands. See also: [Play Tutorial](/wiki/GameHelpbasicInterface/#play_tutorial) ¶

The Campaigns could be found in main menu --> single player. There are tutorial Campaigns for each of the tribes so you can learn the differences between them. See also: [Campaigns](/wiki/GameHelpbasicInterface/#campaigns) ¶

## Further help ¶

### Basic help ¶

* [Basic Interface](/wiki/GameHelpbasicInterface) - Explains the main screens. What do the different game options mean? ¶
* [Quickstart](/wiki/GameHelpquickstart) - Introducing the frist steps ¶
* [Playing interface](/wiki/GameHalpInGame) - What does every button in the game do? ¶

### Playing objectives ¶

* [Building a New Economy](../GameHelpbuildingANewEconomy) - Some strategies for building houses and producing wares. ¶
* [Military and Warfare](/wiki/GameHelpmilitaryAndWarfare) - Explains the specifics of warfare. ¶

### Information about the playable tribes in Widelands ¶

* [The Tribes](../TheTribes) ¶
* BarbariansPage - Specific info for Barbarian (economy and history) ¶
* [EmpiresPage](/wiki/EmpirePage) - Specific info for Imperial (economy and history) ¶
* AtlanteansPage - Specific info for Atlanteans (economy and history) ¶

### Multiplayer ¶

* [Basics](/wiki/GameHelpbasicInterface/#multi_player) - Short description of usage ¶
* [Multiplayer](/wiki/GameHelpMultiplayer) - Technical informations ¶

### FAQs ¶
* WidelandsFaqTechnical ¶
* WidelandsFaqPlaying ¶

## Contribute ¶
Even if you aren't able to contribute directly to gamecontent, you could allways make a donation. This will help to pay the server (e.g. for multiplayer) or gives a coffee to the developers ;) The link above on the right will bring you to the Paypalsite. ¶

* [Contribute](/wiki/Contribute) - There are many ways to contribute to the widelands project ¶

## Other pages ¶

* DownloadPage ¶
* ReportingBugs ¶

### Obsolete pages? ¶
* [Customizing Widelands](/wiki/GameCustomizing/) ¶

##Todo ¶
The above topics need to be sorted into sections so it is easier to find what you need to know, lots more topics will be added in each section . ¶
Code development continues, please join in discussions on the forum to help improve Widelands. ¶
The Campaign/tutorials are in development. ¶
Ideally the Manual needs to be translated as it expands.