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02 - An outpost for exile ¶

Diary page 5 ¶

Lutius' Diary A new island ¶
image:Lutius.png Finally! ¶
This island seems to be made for us, it is like a present from the Gods to my people and me. ¶
So far we have only seen a small part of this island, but already I am ecstatic, feeling as if we found an impossible treasure, paradise on Earth! ¶
On this island, we will start our new life and build an outpost for our exile, which perhaps will become a beautiful new home to all of us. ¶
[edit] ¶
Diary page 5.1 ¶
Lutius' Diary The green forests ¶
image:Lutius.png As Saledus and I walked through these wonderful forests in the north, we felt that our new future had just begun. This land is so peaceful, nice and beautiful, I could stay here until the end of my life. ¶
But until that day, a lot of years will hopefully go by. For now, we should concentrate on the present and build a few lumberjacks and a sawmill, to produce some good build-materials. ¶
But we shouldn't forget to save this natural bounty. These forests should last forever, so we really should build up a forester too. ¶

* Build up three lumberjacks, a forester and a sawmill. ¶

[edit] ¶
Diary page 5.2 ¶
Lutius' Diary The rocks ¶
image:Lutius.png Later, I walked down to the rocks in the south and looked for a place where we can build a quarry, to get some hard stone for our bigger buildings. ¶
Again I feel like i'm in paradise when I noticed that some marble-like stones where among those rocks. Seems as if we can start a life in luxury in the not so distant future. ¶

* Build a quarry to the south of your headquarters. ¶

[edit] ¶
Diary page 6 ¶
Lutius' Diary Wood for the colony ¶
image:Lutius.png Wonderful, today our wood economy was completely built up. Now we can be sure to have enough wood for our future building-projects. ¶
[edit] ¶
Diary page 7 ¶
Lutius' Diary Stone for the colony ¶
image:Lutius.png Great, today the building of the quarry was completed. Now we get enough stone for all our future building projects. ¶
[edit] ¶
Saledus 1 ¶
A visitor Saledus looks unhappy ¶
image:Saledus.png Hey Lutius, ¶
I don't want to start a panic, but I found something which gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach and spreads waves of fear in my heart. ¶
You might wonder about the cause. Well, I will tell you: ¶
As I walked down to the southern strands of this island I found some parts of another ship. I don't know whether these parts are everything left of that ship, but in any case these parts don't seem to be old. Perhaps the owners of that ship came in the same storm which brought us to Malac' Mor and were also brought to this island. ¶
However, I beg you to be cautious and to build some barracks or sentrys around our colony. ¶

* Build some barracks and sentrys around the colony. ¶

[edit] ¶
Saledus 2 ¶
A visitor Saledus smiles ¶
image:Saledus.png As I walked to the east, I found a bigger mountain. I am not absolutely sure, a geologist should check if I am right, but I believe we could mine marble from some places on the mountain. It would be absolutely great. Perhaps you were right, when you said that this island is like paradise. ¶
Let's expand to that mountain and start mining marble. ¶

* Expand to the east and start mining marble on the mountain. ¶

[edit] ¶
Amalea 1 ¶
Food for the miners Amalea comes in... ¶
image:Amalea.png Hi Lutius, ¶
I hope you forgive my criticism, but it seems to me as if you forgot something. It's nice, and of course a good idea, to build up mines, which will give us a more luxury life, but the people working in the mines are unhappy with the current situation, they have to do hard work and have no time for making their own food. ¶
What do you think about helping them out? Let's build up a tavern, which can produce some nice food for our miners, and a brewery and a vineyard, which can produce some good drinks. ¶
Of course this will mean we need more resources for this food. I suggest you build a fisher, a farm, a mill and a baker. A hunter, a piggery, a vineyard and a well would also be needed. ¶
Don't understand me wrong, but the miners need good food and drinks to have enough power for their hard work. ¶
[edit] ¶
Saledus 3 ¶
Further mountains Saledus smiles ¶
image:Saledus.png By the Gods, that's great, that's an unbelievable present. There are two more mountains and it seems as if one has a large amount of coal and the other an amount of iron. Now we can start living like in Fremil. We should directly start to build mines, burners, smelting works, carpenter's shops and smithworks. But for all these bigger buildings we need better and more beautyful building-materials. Let's build a stonemason, who cuts columns, out of our marble, for us. ¶

* Build up a complete Mining and production infrastructure. ¶
* Build up a Stonemason. ¶

[edit] ¶
Diary page 8 ¶
Lutius' Diary The Barbarians ¶
image:Lutius.png By the Gods! ¶
This is absolutely awful. It seems as if we stand close to a test AND it seems as if Saledus was right with his fear concerning the shipwreck. ¶
Today as I walked down to the eastern strands, I suddenly got a shock. There was one of those hated, evil, barbarian tribes with whom we had so many problems before. ¶
First I was a bit naive and hoped that they are peaceful, but as soon as one of them saw me they ran towards me and started attacking me with their throwing-spears. Thanks to the Gods that I was able to hide myself and could silently go back to our colony. ¶
Anyway, we MUST build up bigger military buildings, as soon as possible. ¶

* Build up bigger military buildings, like an outpost, a barrier or a tower, on the eastern frontier. ¶

[edit] ¶
Diary page 9 ¶
Lutius' Diary Command for Attack ¶
image:Lutius.png That's good. The first large military building is built up and the mining infrastructure is getting better and better. Now we should think of preparing ourselves for a bigger fight. ¶
As soon as we have enough soldiers we should attack and remove the barbarians. And than, when this island is ours again, I will build up a big fortress at the place where the barbarian headquarters stands now, to avoid new settlements of these barbarian bastards. ¶

* As soon as you have enough soldiers, attack and completely remove the barbarian buildings. ¶
* Finally build up a fortress on the peninsular, near to where the barbarian headquarters stood before, to avoid new settlements of other tribes in that region. ¶

Diary page 10 ¶
Lutius' Diary Victory ¶
image:Lutius.png Today makes me proud. We fought for our new home and rose victorious. ¶
There are still a few barbarians hiding on our island, but I am sure that we will find them soon. Every barbarian, who doesn't attack us, will be put in a boat with the other peaceful ones and will be sent back to their country. ¶

----------------------VICTORY!----------------------- ¶

Diary page 11 ¶

Lutius' Diary A message ¶
image:Lutius.png Today a pigeon landed on our island. It brought a message which is filling me with dark thoughts, fears and horror. ¶
The message was adressed to me, begging me to come back to Fremil. ¶
It says that the Empire is at war with the Barbarians. They were attacked from the north, from the tribe I wanted to attack before going in exile. ¶
For me, it is clear what I have to do... ¶

You have completed this mission. You may continue playing if you wish, otherwise move on to the next mission. ¶