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Poll: Backwards Compatible Empire Inn

7 comments, 50 votes Posted on 2012-02-05, 18:23

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The space issue is the kicker for me. I'm up for minor (or even major) variations between races, but this case is not something that clever planning can avoid - you can't simply start by building deeper mines. Maybe if you allowed Empire to immediately upgrade to deeper mines, you could keep the Empire Inn as-is without the space problems..?


Why even bother with it?

You are a jerk compared to me (by the jerks are good)


My new motto You are a jerk compared to me (by the jerks are good)


I just want to add that I voted for the backward compatibility because I find that widelands has a slow learning curve and that it could be simplified (e.g. when I play I need to regularly check the PDFs with the building productions). Obviously I am a seldom player, I may play a couple of hours in the evenings every many months, while an hardcore player may prefer the other option if she is completely aware of all the game details.

Eventually, since actually the two options have similar votes, there could be a difficult level, easy - medium - hard or something, that could satisfy all users. It could also attract more players, since many are discouraged by the current amount of experience one need to play the game.


I voted for not backwards compatible. The most important argument for me is to keep the diversity of tribes, which I consider a great plus of Widelands.


I could not really decide.

Backwards compatibility would make it more friendly to new users, but without compatibility it makes the Empire somehow special.

It's a trap you will only tap in once. On the other side it's a trap you WILL tap in, one wasted game, gained experience.

hard to tell


I don't find space is a big problem with Empire's inns. They have a high enough output to keep up with demands on small maps, and on larger maps space is not an issue.

I tend to be sensitive towards game mechanics that seem to be just "annoying" rather than a challenge of the game mechanics. Despite this I have never found the inns being unique to be a problem or annoyance.

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