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Poll: How do you like the new site compared to the last?

10 comments, 488 votes Posted on 2009-03-28, 15:22

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Hey, don't just click on not so good or worse, leave a comment and give us a clue on what to work!!


Oh, come on 4 votes on not so good, but no explanations. If you don't like something, then say what it is.


I clicked "Didn't notice a change" but thats good I think. Seems like a better cleaner interface and so on.


Well I would prefere to have the navbar on the left side... - anyway it's still much better than the old layout


The site claims to be XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Well, it tries to be, but it is broken.


I have very little understanding of the various standards floating around. I opened a bug report for your complain. I still feel that standard validitiy is not so important than usability (we already had a case were code that validated in the w3 validator didn't work in a webkit based browser). Thanks for the comment though!


Moving a bar from the left to the top is really nice, and once the download section is completely rebuilt, I'll add the 2 maps I made right away. I also like the idea of additional submenus on the bar - it makes navigating the site much faster.


I only looked in if the new site is ready - for this... it is very good - find around quickly and fast to know, where I must (or will) go face-smile.png


One of the 'big' problems i'm having with the site is that at various places buttons are still labeled in german. makes it a bit harder to handle for us english only people


yay, not the buttons are all english i can start to figure out how the wiki works. Great improvement face-smile.png

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