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Build21 Release Candidate

The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce that the Release Candidate for Widelands Build 21 is now available for download.

Windows installer 64 bit (static) 32 bit (static) 64 bit 32 bit
Mac packages 10.9+ 10.7+
Flatpak package
Source code as .tar.gz .zip
List of all downloads

8 comments Posted by Nordfriese on 2020-07-11, 16:30

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Daily ppa still brings another version


We have no ppa for this - the dailies already have post Build 21 changes in it, and the stable will remain on Build 20 until the new version is final.


Makes sense, thanks


Many thanks to our release manager for an outstanding work.


I booted this version for the first time in a long time - I have very little time these days.

Magnificent! So many obvious improvements and cool new features, reaching from new music to the really cool looking work area previews & overlays. Turning off soldier information and the improved toolbar menus at the bottom. And I have not even looked into the new missions and starting conditions.

What a fantastic job! It fills my heart with joy to see Widelands feature development still at such a high frequency and quality. Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release!


Many thanks from my side as well face-smile.png


Thank you for the RC, everyone


The new starting conditions are amazing.

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