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Build 20 Release Candidate 1

We are glad to announce that Build 20 Release Candidate 1 is now ready for download. There is a known issue with the Mac builds where sounds won't play. We will look into that for the final release.

12 comments Posted by GunChleoc on 2019-04-23, 08:57

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I'm looking forward to see more players in the multiplayer lobby, because anyone can host matches with this version. Port forwarding isn't necessary anymore face-smile.png


Really?! Perfect! It sounds really perfect! face-smile.png




Congratulations all Widelands community! GunChleoc: you're doing great job! Another step forward.


The release candidate has been picked up on LinuxFR: (in French).


Good article face-smile.png


It is interesting to see that the 32bit-Windows version accounts for roughly 80% of the downloads.


For example some Debian Linux users don't have to download the RC there. They can also just take the new widelands-ppa and install the game with the help of the console...


Of course. What I tried to emphasize was that so many people still use a 32 bit Windows. Although we didn't provide an installer for buil19.


I am pretty sure that this is not the case. 64 bit windows machines 32 bit software just fine. And even with Widelands targeting perhaps older machines, most likely more than 20% are running 64bit Windows but are not aware of that and therefore download 32bit...


Fyi: => Less than 1% Windows 32bit users.

Again, the audience of Widelands most likely differ and uses older hardware but even our binaries require Win 7 and newer (no XP support ).


What a great achievement! Great work, team!

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