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News: Widelands tournament 2017: subscriptions opened and closed


Widelands tournament 2017: subscriptions opened and closed

In one month, provided at least 12 people sign up, a new tournament will start! More round! Bigger maps! One thousand elephants!

More informations here in the forums.

Since only 6 people signed up, there will be no tournament. I will propose a new one after summer.

5 comments Posted by king_of_nowhere on 2017-02-27, 22:31

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I will skip this one, I think. I cannot comfortably commit to the time required right now. Good luck and have fun everyone!


Will there be an extra release or do we play with the build 19?


No release will happen till then. Maybe a certain dev build could be pinned, but I do not think anything like this is currently planned.


The current development version has too much half-finished stuff in it for a reasonable use in the tournament right now. So, Build 19 it will be.


For example: Toptopple's atlantean chainsaw-sound face-grin.png

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