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Tournament 2015 - Final

We have a winner team!

Yesterday, the final of the Team Tournament 2015 has been played, and the winner is: Team A! Congratulations!! Team A has won ALL their matches and has shown an astounding abtitude to build up a highly productive economy.
For king_of_nowhere and Cyberpangolin, it‘s time to harvest now: besides all the congratulations and admiration, they receive a winner‘s T-Shirt.
Thanks to all teams for this first team tournament. There were many good games!

3 comments Posted by Kristin on 2015-05-07, 21:58

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Congratulation to king and cyber they really deserved this. Thank you for the two exciting games!

Kristin, I think we should all thank you again for your great organisation of this tournament. It was great as usual! cheers


Congratulations king_of_nowhere and Cyberpangolin! You did well job!


Thanks for organizing the tournament, Kristin! This was an especially tough one because of the hard time scheduling so many people.

Also thanks to all the players. It was quite humbling to get kicked out of the tournament in the first round face-smile.png

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