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Hi everyone,

it always takes me months to realize, that it's time to give you an update about the development process ;). So here it is.

What is happening lately?

Actually quite a lot.

  • The seafaring implementation is making good progress. All three tribes are now able to build ports, shipyards and ships (although the ones of the barbarians and the empire look kind of strange as they only contain placeholder graphics face-wink.png ). However scouting and colonization is not yet possible.
  • A multiplayer seafaring map was added to playtest that new feature.
  • If you want to build your own seafaring maps, go for it, the editor got a new tool for port build spaces.
  • The statistics windows was improved on many places, is now a lot more intuitive and has a nicer look.
  • Finally all workers are running out of a burning warehouse or headquarters, if gets destroyed - before they just stayed inside and ... well...
  • the message window was improved.
  • Soldiers are finally healed in warehouses and the headquarters as well.
  • The dedicated server model of Widelands was improved a lot (take a look at DedicatedServer if this is interesting for you)
  • Graphic improvements at many places
  • A new piece of music was added.

And of course more than just a whole bunch of bug fixes. Take a look at the ChangeLog for a complete list as I surely forgot a lot of changes in the list above ;).

A bit of statistics

There are currently 167 bugs targeted for our next release Build17 :

  • 1 is marked as New
  • 4 are marked as Incomplete
  • 48 are marked as Confirmed
  • 5 are marked as Triaged
  • 4 are marked as In Progress
  • 103 are marked as Fix Committed
  • 2 are marked as Fix Released

Which reminds me of the "in Progress" bugs...

The metaserver rewrite

A few days (or may it be weeks) back, we got a mail, that debian is removing ggz libraries from their repositories and thus are unable to build Widelands with internet gaming support. This forced us, to finally get rid of ggz and take the chance to write our own little system - much easier and still with more features than ggz provided to us.

I won't reveal too much in this post, but the current progress is already quite far and I hope we can present some very nice features to you in the next time. face-smile.png

That's it, over and out. face-smile.png

Have Fun playing!

-- Nasenbaer

1 comment Posted by Nasenbaer on 2012-02-07, 15:04

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Awesome! Myself, and most likely many others, have been looking forward for the seafaring feature.

Seafaring is something that was lacking in settlers 2 as there were only a few campaign levels (which I enjoyed) with the harbor building locations on the map, and no custom maps with harbor building locations that I knew of.

Great job guys(and girls) face-grin.png

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