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Everyone likes pie charts

As the heading already hints, I would like to share a pie chart with you face-wink.png

The last time I wrote about the development I gave you a bit of statistics concering bugs targeted to be fixed in build17. That last post is less than two weeks ago. So let's see how the statistics look like today. In brackets are the difference values relative to the values I posted 13 days ago:

There are currently 170 (+3) bugs targeted for our next release Build17 :

  • 1 is marked as New (0)
  • 6 are marked as Incomplete (+2)
  • 24 are marked as Confirmed (-24)
  • 2 are marked as Triaged (-3)
  • 4 are marked as In Progress (0)
  • 131 are marked as Fix Committed (+28)
  • 2 are marked as Fix Released (0)

So where is the pie chart? face-wink.png ... here we go face-smile.png

Pie chart

So what happend lately, that we have such an incredibly positive change in the number of bugs to be fixed?

As I stated in my last post, we suddenly faced the fact, that we are in need of a new metaserver system, if we want to supply a nice internet gaming functionality to you, on all operating systems Widelands is available on. This further convinced us, that it's time for a soon release of Widelands Build17.

And so... it's all about motivation...

In the last 13 days, we have not only fixed an incredible amount of bugs, but as well added a lot of nice new features like:

  • A new undo/redo feature was added to the editor
  • The !OpenGL renderer was improved a lot and a handful of bugs were fixed. The result: !OpenGL is now our default renderer and the look of the world inside a game looks (from my point of view) even better than the old SDL render system.
  • The barbarians got graphics for their ship
  • We added a feature, that automatically releases the second carrier (oxen, horses, donkeys), if it is no more needed at a road
  • The census and statistics strings shown above buildings were hardly readable on desert and winterland maps, this was improved, as well as some visuality issues with the mini map.
  • System messages in multiplayer games are now translated on each client side, so everyone can read system messages in their prefared language. face-smile.png
  • And we got a new metaserver system with a handful of new features like (1) metaserver sided check whether a game is connectable (2) showing the Widelands version in the game list (3) showing metaserver system messages in game (4) increasing the maximum number of clients that may be connected to a game (4) after ending a game you come back to the lobby instead of the main menu....

Well... we are in the middle of the work, so I better stop writing this post and check whether I can start work on one of the left bugs face-smile.png

so... expect Build17 around midth of April with at least one release candidate before.

And just in case this is unclear: Testers of development version are even more welcome than before :)!

3 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2012-02-20, 21:23

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Are the additional carriers released always? I'd prefer them to stay unless there is a shortage of them (i.e. the number not assigned to roads is less than the economy target). In case of a sudden soike in transportation, they would be useful, at least more useful than in the warehouse.



They are released when the road is more or less unused (or little used so that one carrier is always enough) for a quite long time. It won't be pushed to 'more busy' roads if the release condition is not met. I already thought about an algorithm to distribute the existing second carriers over the most busy roads but this is not trivial, as you might guess. OTOH this might be overkill (and therefor unwanted) anyways... I will add a bug/improvement request in Launchpad tonight regarding this (to check if this is wanted by the community).


Two weeks later... compared to the pie chart...

There are currently 192 (+22) bugs targeted for our next release Build17 :

0 is marked as New (-1)
6 are marked as Incomplete (0)
17 are marked as Confirmed (-7)
2 are marked as Triaged (-1)
2 are marked as In Progress (-2)
162 are marked as Fix Committed (+31)
2 are marked as Fix Released (0)

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