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News: WiHack Blog: Wihack 2011 first evening wrap up


WiHack Blog: Wihack 2011 first evening wrap up

First evening, wrapping up

This wihack is different. There are less people than the last times but all of them are clearly focused on the task they want to achieve. This also leaves me a little freer to get my own work done instead of helping new people getting started. This is not better nor worse - it's just different.

Currently, we are 5 widelanders + 1 entropianer hacking on widelands. And we have quite something to show already: the bug headcount is up to 5. Let's see what people are working on:

Kristin is sorting maps and checks the maps shipped with widelands for fairness. Her work will (hopefully) lead to clear distinctions between 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 or 1 vs cpu and fun maps and this will also make clear what maps we are lacking.

nomeata continued to work on his work from last time: he changed the time selection buttons from the various statistics menu into a slider which solves an inconsistency in those menus. He also made the finger wiggle: if you click anywhere, the mouse cursor will animate and the finger will press down on the spot. A small feature that makes a big impact on the eye candy.

Shevonar churns through UI bugs. Especially, he tries to track down a bug that I introduced in one of my last revisions. That bugger is hard though and needs to wait till tomorrow.

ixprefect is working on ships: his goal is to have them recognize and navigate to harbours. Integrating them into the economy code is no small feat. We will see what he has to show on sunday, but I am really positive that he will advance seafaring in widelands significantly this weekend.

Tino started to investigate the huge memory consumption of widelands. He installed investigative tools and will likely analyze their output tomorrow.

Myself, I fixed some bugs concerning the maximum wares configuration: you can now set in production- and constructionsites the maximum number of wares that you want to have in this building. You can for example empty taverns now before enhancing them so that you do not loose the wares. I build some bugs into this feature which had to die today. Also, I started working on the dismantle site, that is the feature that you can deconstruct buildings to get some of your build wares back. This is all still extremely rough around the edges, but I advance.

All together we did a good bit of work today. Tiredness is spreading though and we will call it a day for now.

See you tomorrow.

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Nice to see the good work is continued! Good luck and a lot of fun the coming two days!

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