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Okay, quite some time since the last news post - and that's definitely not because nothing happend - no! WIdelands development is actually quite active at the moment :)!

So where to start?

Well I think I will not describe all new features and changes that exact as I did the last time - simply because it's too much and I am too lazy face-wink.png

So let us start with some screenshots of new features:

Chuck is very actively working on the tribes's workers animations - so far the barbarians are already finished (yes you did not missunderstand - all workers do have their animations now! face-smile.png And the atlantean animations are already quite far as well :).



Further some new features were implemented, like the "second view mode of stock" - you can now see all available materials in your economy as well as all material that is stored at the moment, if you select the "stock" from statistics menu.

Another feature allows you to set, whether a ware should be prefered for storage in a warehouse or whether storing of that ware should be stopped or even be outsourced - just click on the ware in a warehouse or headquarters to set it's preference.

And not to forget the new user interface in military sites face-smile.png ...

Ahh and while we are at it - the symbols for soldiers and their health bar were reworked, to have a more unique and understandable mark for soldier levels.

Stock view mode New warehouse feature Military site

Some more things were added or changed, that are not that easy to show in an image:

  • The existing campaigns were modified to use lua as engine, this leads to a much more smoother and more intelligent campaign behaviour
  • A " I will show you how to play Widelands" tutorial was added.
  • New music was added :)!
  • It is now possible to set a condition for when a game is won.

Besides the new features in our current development trunk, some work was done in seperate branches, like opengl implementation, the first atlantean campaign map, work on metaserver client information transport and some more interesting construction sites.

I created a small preview to give you some visualisation how the campaign might look like face-wink.png . Take a look here for that video.

... and as always: a lot of bugfixes and code improvements ... face-smile.png

Well I surely forget the half or even more... face-wink.png

5 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2010-06-03, 16:53

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Thank you for summarizing this stuff for people to see! I think it really makes the whole project more appealing when you see more regular news items on the front page.

However, I think you should reduce the size of the pictures you used. They're excessively wide, which causes horizontal scrolling, which is evil face-wink.png


I thought the same. unfortunally the markdown stuff seems unable to scale an image - and I simply used the images I uploaded to the screenshots section. Will try to upload other versions for the news item.

And even stranger: it disallows me to use any html code (as news administrator) in my post - that's the reason, why the video is not embed.


Very nice progress!!!

After the 2nd July I am back from professional school and can continue my work for the menu background. face-wink.png


I speak Spanish, but I need to know when the next version comes out I think Widelands build-16 I've been waiting for months, even this announcement have much time and i want the following version beacuse this game its very funny^;) sorry if you do not understand some things I do not know much English^^

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