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Build 15 has been released!

Build 15 has been released! Let's sum up the important changes:

  • Second carriers on busy roads: donkeys, oxen and horses.
  • Scouts that can reveal a big area around their house
  • Zoom inside the mini map
  • A new scenario part to the "The green plateau"
  • Statistics will now show the reason why a building is not producing anything
  • Random maps will now contain resources, immovables and critters.
  • Improvements to the messaging system
  • new sounds
  • new music
  • new graphics

Head over to

to download. You can also find the full changelog and release notes there. Happy playing and thanks for test playing the release candidates.

3 comments Posted by SirVer on 2010-04-16, 16:54

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Hi, thanks for the release. I will check it out in the next days.

May I ask, what status the AI has at the moment? Is it possible to play against computer enemies?

Cheers, MegaMatze


Sure, you can play against the computer. It has it's limits, but on a map with enough space to settle and plenty of resources around it's starting position, the aggressive AI can be a challenge.


Wow major upgrade and a giant leap forward, I've only gotten to play with empire yet and already there are new gameplay elements and fantastic tweaks to the game that make playability so much easier. Donkeys were a great addition as well as the sliders on the attack box. Can't figure out what the scout does yet. The statistics box, while a huge improvement has some readability issues. I didn't quite understand what it was saying to me at times because of what seems like choppy translation.

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