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Map: Kings and Queens v2

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Kings and Queens v2


An old legend tells that these seven kingdoms, that have flourished for ages in prosperity, will someday collapse into a devastating war. Has your latest betrayal been one too many and will the prophecy come true?

Comment by uploader:

Version 2 with port spaces added and a few small updates made. GNU General Public License version 2 is applicable.

Basic Information:

World: Greenland
Dimensions:160 x 160
Max. Players:7

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Upload:by fk at 2013-08-09, 19:49
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Comments on this Map:


This was a very good map to play against AI. They beat me twice before I managed to stay alive which isn't common with the Widelands poor AI. I didn't need the port spaces though.


Sehr herrausfordernd Anfangs - nichts für Anfänger. Aus dem Weg gehen sowie Angriff und Rückzug ist hier zu Beginn die beste Taktik. Minus: nur 1 Hafenbauplatz - man kann sich den Hafen also ersparen. Sehr schade gerade bei dieser Karte.


A great challenge with many directions to defend from at once! Expand promptly, or turtle and train? With this smaller map you'll be able to try different strategies without too much investment.

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