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Map: Kingdom of Borneo

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Kingdom of Borneo


Our tribe as well as 7 other tribes has been living on this small islands for ages. But now our lives should change. Wise men of our tribe say that a new island has been found, very rich and large. They call it Kalamanthean. And this new land is promising a cultural growth our tribe is missing. We just have to build a ship very quickly and sail to the north and to the west to reach this blessed land of welfare.


Borneo is easy to recognize thanks to its white beaches. It has 10 port spaces and 13 artifacts. If you want to win, you should build a port there. Not suitable for Autocrat or HQ Hunter. AI should start with Trading Outpost. Map is more suitable for multiplayer. Each player has two port spaces on his home island.

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Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:400 x 256
Max. Players:8

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Upload:by OIPUN at 2021-04-08, 19:24
This map requires a version of Widelands 1.0 or newer!
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