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Acurate Europe 1.1


Perfect map for roleplaying historical empires. ///Several days of work and many maps have been implemented to create the most accurate europe map in Widelands! ///EASY: Ottoman Empire, Sweden, Russian Empire, Carthage ///MEDIUM: French Empire, British Empire, Spain, German Empire, Roman Empire ///HARD: Egypt, Poland, Greece ///SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVMENTS IN THE COMMENTS!!! I will Update it.


Wide rivers are navigable to create a ''trade network'' All Players have their own Challenges, but are relatively balanced to be playable: ///1) British Empire: create sustainable colonies ///2) Russian Empire: Very large distances ...

Comment by uploader:

Several Issues should be fixed now.

Enjoy the Map!

Basic Information:

World: One World
Dimensions:512 x 512
Max. Players:12
Upload:by Nytren at 2024-02-27, 16:27
This map requires a version of Widelands 1.1 or newer!
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