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Topic: More soldiers in ports for AI

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Posted at: 2024-07-02, 12:29

As far as I can see, the number of soldiers per port is hard-coded in the game's source code. 5 as the base value, 2x5 (=10) as the "normal" value and 3x5 (=15) as the upper limit. I would like to suggest that these values ​​are not stored in the source code, but rather that they are made dynamic. My suggestion: Introduce an addition to the source code that allows either 3 * base value or the value from the building definition to be used as the upper limit, whichever is the greater value.

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you are right in both waysit is hardcoded and it should not be. It was a quick solution to at least have some basic handling of the feature like we had previuosly for the diplomacy which is still not very good. It is really intended to make these values part of a more complex decision that is subject to genetic algorithm as well.

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