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Topic: Autoclicking

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Posted at: 2024-04-30, 14:43

Do you have any internal or external tool, which is capable of autoclicking through widelands tutorials? This means script which will click to the game instead of human. I want to prepare such automatic tool/script for passing through 4th tutorial, to easily reproduce

From external tools - this seems to be capable of it, but works only under windows:

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Posted at: 2024-04-30, 17:04

You can do that with a lua script. E.g. the first tutorials do some automatic clicks.

You can start a script either by using the commandline parameter --script=path/to/lua_script (see the commandline help) or by using a debug build and opening the lua script console by pressing SHIFT + CTRL/STRG + SPACE. In this console you can run any lua script by entering dofile("complete/path/to/lua_Script").

Fight simulator for Widelands:

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Posted at: 2024-04-30, 19:48

kaputtnik wrote:

You can do that with a lua script. E.g. the first tutorials do some automatic clicks.

Except for modal windows. Lua code cannot run while a modal dialog is open, not even the new plugin timers.

I'm working on a PR that automates the creation of compatibility test saves, and I implemented a commandline option for it that allows setting a timeout for automatically closing modal dialogs.

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