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Topic: Please help testing touchpad scrolling issue

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Posted at: 2022-04-18, 00:30

Some of you may have noticed that the development version of Widelands got the option in October to use the touchpad on laptops for scrolling the map and various other uses. It was reported recently that in some circumstances the horizontal scrolling direction is reversed. We need some testing data to be able to fix this issue, so I would like to ask for your help.

If you have a touchpad, and especially if you have a non-linux system, please try the map scrolling option in the current development version, and report whether horizontal and vertical scrolling are consistent, ie. whether both move the "camera" over the map ("traditional" mode) or the map under the "camera" ("natural" mode).

Please report with the type of your OS (in case of linux or BSD also the graphical environment – X11/wayland/xwayland), SDL version, and whether map movement is consistent with both system settings of "traditional" and "natural".

It looks likely that the current behaviour is based on a bug in older SDL versions on linux, and thus all windows builds could be affected. Whether macOS is affected is unclear.

(Mine is linux / X11 / SDL 2.0.9 and it is consistent and conforming with both system settings. The issue was reported with linux / xwayland / SDL 2.0.20, where it is inconsistent with both system settings: vertical is conforming but horizontal is reversed.)

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Posted at: 2022-04-18, 13:44

Tested on my old Laptop:

  • OS: archlinux
  • Graphics: X11
  • sdl-Version: 2.0.20
  • 'Invert click-and-drag map movement direction':
    • disabled: Scrolling to the right/left moves the map to left/right, scrolling up/down moves the map down/up
    • enabled: Scrolling to right/left moves the map to right/left, scrolling up/down moves the map down/up

So up/down scrolling behaves always the same, whereas left/right scrolling is inverted.

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