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Topic: A Rookie Contributor's notes

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I started keeping a list of small things to remember when making contributions. These things are less about code contributions (which follow the Google style guide) and more for those who might want to contribute lore or help text in English.

  • When adding text strings, for example for lore or tips, please use ’ (a single right quote) for apostrophes and enclose quotes within the text within single quotation marks. <br> will insert line breaks in lore text. Examples:
‘ ’ 
            note = pgettext("barbarians_building", "The ranger’s hut needs free space within the work area to plant the trees."),
            lore = pgettext("barbarians_building", "‘As silent as a panther,<br> as deft as a weasel,<br> as swift as an arrow,<br> as deadly as a viper.’"),
  • Lore for buildings is generated by
  • The help tips you see at the start of the game are found in
  • Don't be afraid to ask where to start if you've noticed something that needs a little polish, additional information, or even fixing.
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