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Topic: What cheats does the AI get?

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Posted at: 2020-10-24, 20:43

In my current Europa game it seems as if when I build a fortress but it only gets manned by 1 soldier it is always attacked right away. Does the computer get free intel on how many defenders there are?

What else does it get as advantages? I'm not against this btw, just wanna know what I should NOT assume the computer can do that I can't.

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Posted at: 2020-10-24, 20:55

Yes, the AI queries directly how many soldiers are inside an enemy building. In theory, the AI can get any information about the game state like this if it wants to, but it doesn't do that much: The AI doesn't need to send geologists because it just knows what resources may be found where, but AFAIK there's not much else it does that you can't.

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