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Topic: Toolbar backgrounds

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Posted at: 2019-08-10, 19:50

We now can have images to frame the in-game and in-editor toolbars. The current images are placeholders and we'll need new images for:

  • Editor / Generic game (for spectators)
  • Barbarians
  • Empire
  • Atlanteans
  • Frisians

Fot the tribes, the images are in data/tribes/<tribe>.lua and are defined as:

   toolbar = {
      left_corner = image_dirname .. "toolbar_left_corner.png",
      left = image_dirname .. "toolbar_left.png",
      center = image_dirname .. "toolbar_center.png",
      right = image_dirname .. "toolbar_right.png",
      right_corner = image_dirname .. "toolbar_right_corner.png"

The generic images are located in: data/images/wui/toolbar/

The right and left images are repeated as necessary, the center and corner images are painted only once.


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