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Topic: Hungarian Translation

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Posted at: 2016-01-24, 22:35

After playing a few hours (about 2) with the game I'm totally fed up with hungarian transalation. Therefore I start this discussion page to get the hungarian transaltors together.

To start with:

  • At some part the stlye of translation is a bit archaic which suits perfectly to the athmosphere of the game. Other parts were in way too modern and primitive that just doesn't suit for me.
  • Some sentences are meaningless (e.g. the introduction text of the barbarian camping)
  • Many words are mistranslated (e.g: 'bread' is transalted as "pita" which not just in one by one meanning but in our association means a completely different thing, this is a great exampe of the previously mentioned way too modern and primitive translation)

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Posted at: 2016-01-25, 08:58

Hi garpe,

thank you very much for helping with the translation!

I don't know if all the translators are watching this forum. You can contact them individually on Transifex:

You can find our documentation at:

Please let me know if there is anything else that you need.

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Posted at: 2021-03-24, 12:50

Is there anyone currently working on this? (doesn't seem so on transifex)

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