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Topic: Tune inspired by Widelands

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2015-07-26, 00:01

I was playing the first Atlanteans' scenario and this tune came into my head:-

Soundcloud link: Ogg file:

It's not long or complicated but you're welcome to use it if you feel it's suitable. Gratis and libre (made with LMMS in Linux), CC-BY-SA, credit Stuart Marshall.

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Posted at: 2015-07-26, 08:21

If might be nice to switch to this tune when the water starts rising. I don't know if our current engine allows this though.

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Posted at: 2015-07-27, 08:33

I find the tune too hectic and disharmonic (with the flute) to be a good backing track for Widelands. Even when the water is rising, it is still a slow and relaixing game.

Also, the player will not know that this song is called Water rising - so they will not get the message :).

Our engine does not support switching music from Lua. There is nothing stopping us adding that though.

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