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Topic: German translation: Renaming the Atlanteans' "Hütte" to "Haus"

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Posted at: 2014-03-22, 11:47

When recently doing some translation, I noticed that the English word "house" is translated to "Haus" for the Empire, but to "Hütte" for the Atlanteans. It made translation a bit difficult because I always had to watch out to use the correct translation. I considered to change all the translations, but before doing so, I decided to ask in the forum:
Why are there two different translations? Who did this and with which intention?

The main argument for changing the current system is (as teh.f4ll3n wrote) that the primitive Barbarians live in huts, while more civilised Atlanteans and Imperials live in houses. I think the English words have been designed to reflect this difference. I see no reason why we should not follow these thoughts.
There will still be the flavor of having different building names (Barbarians vs. Empire/Atlanteans), so I see no loss here.

But I would like to hear other opinions (especially of the person who translated it the first time) before changing anything.

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