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Topic: any newer info about Arabic support ?

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Posted at: 2014-01-03, 22:49

any newer info about Arabic support ?

iam confused, should i resume (i stopped a few months ago) translating widelands into Arabic knowing that it might not support Arabic in the Future ?

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Posted at: 2014-01-04, 07:22

no news for now. I am really sorry that you are so motivated and that the technology is holding you back. But for now, we simply lack the manpower to work on this. :(. We really want to support ltr rendering in the future, but for now I think you are wise not to waste your time on something that might be a few months off.

ideal solution: find somebody who can advance Widelands in this regard and add the necessary code.

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Posted at: 2014-12-18, 00:44

Finally starting to get there face-smile.png

Once we have finished with the new font renderer, we will still need to mirror the order of the UI elements (swap "OK" with "Cancel" buttons etc.)

Busy indexing nil values

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