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# Do you want to help ? ¶

First, make sure you know what to help in. Translations, Graphics, Programming, Sound. Then check the section below and take the steps written there. ¶

If you made a patch you can either send it to the mailinglist []( ( [Subscribe here]( ) or send it to the names listed in the category it belongs to. Also consider Index.Php?Title=Donation&Action=EditPage. ¶

## Hiring ¶

These positions are currently needed, colors show how important the task is. The redder the more important. Even if you do not fit any of this, look below if you feel you can still help. ¶

___Artist___ ¶

* 2D artists are needed to draw campaign pictures, this includes Portraits of protagonists and objects. ¶
* 3D Artists are needed to create some animated animals and workers and perhaps some bobs. ¶
* Sound Artists are needed for the Sound FX of the world, the tribes, workers and buildings. ¶
These three are integral parts of the widelands development and are very responsible positions. Please write in the Forum or on the mailinglist, if you would like to take one of these positions. ¶

## General Help ¶

Everybody is always welcome to contribute, so if you feel you can help, but not in the positions above, see here and contact the responsible Person. ¶

### Programming ¶

Subscribe to the [widelands-public]( mailing list and checkout the sourcecode from our Subversion repository as explained on the DownloadPage page. ¶

Get acquainted with the sourcecode, try changing little things that you think could be improved, and feel free to ask questions on the mailing list. ¶

### Graphics ¶

Please contact [AlexiaDeath]( for details. or write in our Graphic-forum. ¶

### Sound & Music ¶

We are currently searching for an elder of sound. If you have composed, created or recorded music or sounds, please write in the "Sounds & Music Development" Forum. ¶

### Translations ¶

#### Translating Widelands ¶

Please contact [Azagtoth](, he'll tell you what to do. ¶
Also take a look at the page about TranslatingPage widelands. There you'll find useful information. ¶

#### Translating the WIKI ¶

Please read TranslatingTheWiki if you are interested how to translate the WIKI. ¶

### Bug reporting ¶

If you found a bug and want to let us know, please read ReportingBugs. ¶