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# Uploading and adding images in the Wiki ¶

### Uploading a picture ¶

To upload an image to the Wiki press 'Edit this article' in the top right hand corner of the article you wish to add the picture to. ¶

Scroll down to the bottom of the edit options. At 'Imagename:' press the choose file button and then find the picture you wish to upload. When you have chosen the image(s) press the 'Upload Image' button. Voila, the picture is uploaded. ¶


TEDhere is currently no limitation in size and type of image to upload, do remember however that IMAGEnot TYPESall ANDpicture SIZEtypes NEEDSare sure to show up for everybody. TOo BEbe ADDED!]safe use: .png, .jpg or similar.

* Pictures will NOTE! ¶
work for the Wiki if they contain a Space in the filename.
* It is currently not possible for everybody to remove an image once it is uploaded, so only add images you know you need to use! ¶

### Adding an image to an article ¶

To add an image in your article you must do the following: ¶

* Press 'Edit this article' ¶
* Add the code written to the right of the image you wish to show where you wish to show it. ¶
* Press 'Sichern' ¶
* The image should now appear where you added the code.