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## Uploading and updating images in the Wiki ¶

__This article is obsolete with the current wiki. Please remove/change this note once it is possible to upload images.__ ¶

Here's a little HOWTO for updating and adding images in the wiki. ¶
For this example-work(for following the steps I point out) I used Index.Php?Title=GameHelpbuildings&Action=EditPage ¶

### Updating an image ¶

__1st:__After opening the page - containing the pictures, you would like to change - you have to scroll to the picture, you would like to update. ¶
Than just click on the picture (For this example:Empire Fisher hut) ¶

__2nd:__The page of the image (Image:Emp-building-fisher.png) will be opened. ¶
There select "Upload a new version of this file" ¶

__3rd:__The Update file-dialog will be opened, containing the Name of the image, you would like to update. ¶
Now select the picture you would like to use on your locale machine, activate "Ignore any warnings" (Else, the script will break off and will tell you: "You are about to override an allready existing picture....") ¶
Click on "Upload file" ¶

__4th:__the will be a message, that you successfully uploaded the image. ¶
-> So okay.. now the imperial fisher hut is up to date, you should take another building :-) ¶

Normally I open the link to the image's-page in a new tab, so that I directly can check, whether the image is really updated and how it looks like, but that's up to you. :-D ¶
AND don't forget to reload the page and perhaps even manually the image-> else you will still see the old picture :-) ¶

### Adding a new image ¶

For adding new pictures, the easiest way is just, to first add them in the code of the page and than follow the 4 points from above. ¶
For doing this: ¶

I again use Index.Php?Title=GameHelpbuildings&Action=EditPage ¶

__2-1st:__Directly under the heading "Game Help:Buildings" are a few links. There select "Edit this page" ¶

__2-2nd:__Go to the line, you want to add an image (in this example I scroll to imperial Vineyard and replace [[image:Missing-building-graphics]] with a new image-link). ¶
Add a unique named image-link. (image-links should look like [[image:xyz.png]]) ¶

__2-3rd:__Click on "Save page" ¶
the page reloads and shows up a red link (in this case "image:Emp-building-vintagery.png") ¶
Clicking on this link will bring yo to a similiar dialog as on point 3 of_Updating an image_. ¶
Follow the steps as explained there and you will upload a new image. ¶

...And you are done :-). ¶