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update that this is abandoned.

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# Land usage plans ¶

The following was [suggested]( by [Skasi]( : "Oh and it would be a cool feature, to add flags on trees, that should primary be copped, so that you can build something on the place." ¶

What he is suggesting is to have plans for lan
d usage. Players should be able to attach a plan to a location. Land usage that hinders the plan would then be prohibited while land usage that helps the plan would be preferred. ¶

Example: A locat
ion has the plan "clear". A ranger should not plant trees there and lumberjack should prefer to chop there. ¶

The same applies to all workers that pla
nt immovables (ranger, farmer, ferner) or remove immovables (lumberjack, stonemason, farmer, ferner). ¶

When plans are implemented, construction or
ders can be allowed even when there are objects in the way. The affected locations would be marked with the plan "clear". As soon as everything is cleared, the construction can begin. ¶

"clear" is not the only possible plan type. There could be a plan called "
field". Setting that plan for a location near a farm would for example prevent foresters from planting trees on valuable farmland. Setting a "field" plan on a location with a tree should probably set a "clear" plan first, which is automatically changed to "field" when the location has been cleared. Then the lumberjack does not have to know that it should prefer "field" plans. It just has to look for locations with "clear" plans. ¶

There could be an "explore" plan type that could be used for unknown locations. Exploring units would then prefer to
go there. Another useful plan type would be "geological survey", which would attract geologists (since fish is handled like minerals, "geological survey" for water locations could be interpreted as test fishing). The "claim" plan type would attract pioneers that claim territory for their player. ¶

Other plans could be created that would allow players to slowly modify the terrain (drying up swamps, irrigating deserts) maybe using professions yet to be created. ¶

In principle players should not be limited to planning the territory they own. They could start making plans for territory even before they conquer it. (
See also the "claim" plan type above, which is only useful for unowned territory.) If a player loses territory, the plans should not automatically disappear since they may be reused if he takes back the territory. This means that several players can attach plans to the same territory. ¶

## User interface issues ¶

Players shoul
d of course not have to click on every location to set plans. There can be several selection tools: ¶

* Selecting a location an
d a radius.
* Constructing a polygon by clicking around an area (and closing it with a doubleclick). ¶
* Selecting locations based on their properties. ¶
* Taking unions, intersections differences and inversions of selections. ¶